“How many security guards should I get for my event?”

A question that’s commonly asked by many people is how many security guards they should have for their event. It’s a legitimate one, as it can often be very challenging to determine just what might be an appropriate number of guards to have. So how many guards should I get? 1? 2? 3? The simple answer to this question is that you should get as many as you would need to keep things in order, if things got REALLY out of hand. Let’s say for example the event is a big party and you’re inviting 500 people. Let’s also say that you’re going to have a DJ and that there will be alcohol served. If you had 2 guards, with one of them at the front door and the other one watching the 500 people at your party, do you think that would be enough if a brawl broke out in your backyard? Certainly not. You’ll get a better idea of exactly how many security guards you should get in each scenario, so treat this as a good guide to get things set up right.

The magic numbers: how many security guards to get
10 people or less

You should really only need 1 guard at the most. Maybe you don’t even need a guard. It really depends on whether or not you identify any real threats. Is it possible that people may try to enter the event who shouldn’t be? Are you dealing with any potentially hostile individuals? Do you trust all of the people who will be in attendance? You’re probably pretty safe with just 1 guard and 2 guards might just be overkill.

The verdict: 1 guard
10-50 people

Most of you will probably have events in this range, mostly parties that might be at your homes. The fact is, you won’t be able to watch over 50 people on your own, especially if your guests are drunk. People might wander into your bedroom and take your stuff (whether knowingly or unknowingly). They might go into a corner in your garage to urinate because someone is in the bathroom and they didn’t feel like waiting. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and see a trail of urine next to your car door as you’re getting ready to head to work. If you’re not going to have issues with people trying to enter your event, then your issues will all be internal. If your guests are going to be mainly in one, open spot, then you won’t need as many guards. If they will be scattered throughout many rooms, then you’ll need more guards.

The verdict: 1-2 guards
50-250 people

Now we’re talking about a much larger event! You’re going to have a lot more people, a lot more cars, and a lot more trouble, so you will need better event security. One thing to consider is how much space you’re going to have for the group of people who will be in attendance. Oftentimes, people will have events in spaces that don’t accommodate the people in attendance. People are bumping into each other, brushing by 5 people every 2 steps they take, and spilling their drinks. A perfect example of this would be a nightclub. If you’re going to have 250 people in tight spaces with spilling drinks and loud music, you’re going to have a lot of problems on your hands. Do not skimp on security guards.

The verdict: 2-7 guards
250-1,000 people

So, you’ve watched the Great Gatsby movie and decided that you want to throw a massive party like Jay Gatsby did. Essentially, you’re going to have all of the issues we mentioned above with multiplied by about 10. Luckily, you don’t need 10 times as many guards, or else you’ll look like you’ve assembled a small army to maintain order.

The verdict: 7-25 guards

What about armed guards? Some people wonder if they need to have armed guards in the mix. The truth is, you most likely don’t. If you’re having a very wild event and it’s in a bad area, then it would be wise to have armed guards. The rule of thumb is to consider this: if you think that there’s a chance that someone will need to be shot because they are out of line, then get armed guards; otherwise, your security guards will be able to wrestle them out of the event and make sure they stay out.

USE OUR TABLE TO DETERMINE HOW MANY GUARDS DO YOU NEED Just select whether or not you will be serving alcohol at your event, and the number of guests, and the table will display the recommended number of guards for your event.


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